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Name   Single-family house
Architects   BOFILL, RICARDO
Date   1960
Address   Ibiza, SPAIN
Floor Plan    

RBTA was asked to design a house in Ibiza that would become an integral part of the landscape, without breaking away with the particular architectural tradition of the island. Keeping in mind that vernacular architecture in Ibiza was the clearest and most direct answer to the vital needs of the Ibizans, we tried to respond with the same architectural expression to another set of needs. We sought to understand the essence of vernacular architecture of Ibiza, the way in which its people, its climate, its landscape, its materials interact to create this architectural expression.

Capturing the genius loci we designed a house where we attempted to modulate each one of the spaces. Despite the enclosure of space, the design team looked continuously to the relationship between indoor and outdoor space resulting from it. The team's intention was to modulate each one of the interior environments of the house and their correlation to the outdoors, so as to annul the facades as a static element.

The fascination with the local is juxtaposed with the international organic style, expressed with the thick curving walls, punched with small windows. The team worked a great deal on the wrapping walls or enclosure, and in this way it organically modulated the outer shell of the house. The interior remained austere and magically sober.

The program for this single family house had to meet the dual function of accommodating at any given time a single person, and under other circumstances a series of guests. The team solved this problem by creating two independent cores which would share the kitchen. The two cores are completely separated, but are connected by a covered open porch, so that the house can function in a homogenous way, whether partially or totally.

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