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Name   Atrium Saldanha
Architects   BOFILL, RICARDO
Date   1998
Address   Lisbon, Portugal
Floor Plan   44000 SQ.M.

Atrium Saldanha mixed-use scheme on Praça Duque de Saldanha in Lisbon’s Central Business District, significantly contributed to the regeneration of the area and to the animation of this quarter. This iconic building succeeds in its ambition to perfectly integrate within Lisbon’s typical urban context.

RBTA design harmoniously merges the proportions of the classical architecture with new high-tech materials. The façades combine the local stone “Estremoz”, which enhance the building’s classical composition, with a double skin glass envelope. The use of glazed façades further accentuates the lightness and transparency of the building’s volume and permits maximum natural daylight penetration. The scheme guarantees both energy efficiency and acoustic performance.

The main façade extends in a semicircle over Praça Saldanha, while the rear façade overlooks a large atrium illuminated by zenithal light, which links the different levels of the shopping gallery and the office floors. Located between the retail area and the offices, this central atrium, including the interior garden, is the building’s animation area.

Shaped as an inverted cone opening to the light, the interior glazed façade reveals the office area, while it incorporates the use of white marble panels at retail levels.

Pedestrian access is made through streets Fernando Lopes, Vieira da Silva, and Auda Fontes Pereira de Pereira.

The offices, designed in accordance with the highest quality standards, are distributed over the top nine floors of the building, with areas ranging from 50 sqm to 3,700 sqm, and accessed through four independent lifts.

Located on the first three floors, the shopping gallery has 95 stores and a panoramic internal lift. The parking area provides two floors dedicated to the clients of the shopping area, while four levels are reserved to office users and visitors.

The project has won several awards by virtue of the quality of its design and its perfect integration into its urban surroundings:Prize for Excellence in Integrated Architectural Design and Interior Design”, “The Best Enterprise of the Year – 1997”, “Ambelis Prize 1997”, “Secil Prize for Civil Engineering 1999” and “Valmor and Municipal Prize for Architecture 2001.

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