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Name   Nexus II
Architects   BOFILL, RICARDO
Date   2002
Address   Barcelona, Spain
Floor Plan   7000 SQ.M.

Located on the North Campus of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, in Barcelona, Nexus II is a business incubator that encourages technology transfer. The horizontal, four-storey building sits on a 6000m2 slope, providing affordable workspace to technology entrepreneurs and start-ups. The square ground plan is divided into four mutually independent 18x18m modular units, a scheme that permits greater flexibility in planning the office layouts.

The four cubic entities making up the building are connected, firstly, by two large horizontal planes made from concrete, with tilted edges and equal surface areas. One of them constitutes the rooftop, while the other serves as a brise-soleil on the first floor. The shadow it casts allows people to occupy and wander around the building’s perimeter. And, secondly, a central, linear built element—defined as an intermediate building that allows occupants to pass from one cube to another, on each level—also helps bring them together. It accommodates a stairwell along its whole length, turning the ascent into a journey that provides access to each floor, each volume. The servant spaces are also accessible from this central building.

Perpendicular to this servant building are two patios located on either side, together forming a cross in the layout. They add to the natural light penetrating three sides of the cubes. The building’s structure is made of concrete, and, in general, noble materials have been used in its construction, such as clear glass on the façades, lacquered steel on the ceilings, white stores on the windows, and marble on the floors.

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