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Architects   BOFILL, RICARDO
Date   2015
Address   Barcelona, Spain
Floor Plan   215575 SQ.M.

The NCN constitutes a new catalyst for the urban development of Barcelona, and especially for the neighborhood of Les Corts.

The scheme will bring together a mix of uses fostering social and economic diversity, which will turn the NCN into a new place for the Club members and for the neighbors. The design will guarantee capacity for 105,000 spectators and will ensure that the Stadium remains fully operational during construction, on match days and on non-match days.

By means of its scale the NCN appears as a monument in the district, yet planned on a domestic and human scale. This much needed balance will be achieved through a cautious and sensitive approach to every single angle of the site as we come near and enter the Stadium.

As a place of a collective identity and sense of belonging, this landmark will preserve its historic character and maintain and enhance the DNA of both the Club and the city.

The NCN is a large bowl for 105,000 spectators that must guarantee maximum comfort and the best sightlines. The remodelling project involves improving and complementing the outstanding existing structure by Mitjans. The roof as a light, integrative cover, symbolically displays the Cross of Saint Jordi.

From the inside, a transparent skin allows for the creation of balconies and destinations at different levels that can be visited 24/7, offering commanding views of the sea and the mountains and of the city’s most iconic buildings.

On match days the scheme will guarantee fluid circulation for pedestrians coming from all directions. The FCB Museum, the Nike Store and the official tour will ensure a continuous visit through the Stadium’s most significant areas.

The NCN will become the largest Stadium in Europe offering an exceptional atmosphere. With sustainability-driven criteria and smart concepts in mindthe scheme will also ensure the good integration of the Stadium within the Campus Espai Barça, the area of Les Corts and the MPGM.

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