Name   Shenzhen Sea World Culture and Arts Center
Architects   MAKI, FUMIHIKO
Date   2017
Address   Shenzhen, China
Floor Plan   73918 SQ.M.
Description   Shenzhen Sea World Culture and Arts Center was designed as a cultural core of a large-scale multi-use (retail, commercial, residential) development in the Sea World area undertaken by our client, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings. The site occupies the southeastern portion of the Shekou Peninsula and overlooks the ocean with beautiful views of the mountains of Hong Kong. In 2011, Maki and Associates was invited to design its first project in China. The building hosts a variety of cultural functions including a museum, theater, multi-purpose hall, and private art gallery, along with various culturally affiliated retail spaces.

The form of the building consists of a podium and a pavilion, with three volumes protruding to the natural features of the geography,facing the ocean to the south, the adjacent park, and the mountains to the north. The circulation loops around the internal atria, all of which are closely tied to the exterior plazas. Together, they provide a wide array of cultural experiences to the visitor. The park extends onto the roof garden via two grand stairways, creating a holistic public experience appropriate for a culture center.

Project in collaboration with Fu Kecheng, Luo Bing, Kobayashi Maki Design Workshop
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