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Name   Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum
Architects   SAFDIE, MOSHE 
Date   2005
Address   Jerusalem, Israel
Floor Plan   17700 SQ.M.

The Museum is located on Mount Herzl, the Mount of Remembrance. To preserve the pastoral character of the delicate site and respond to the needs of Yad Vashem, the "body" of the Museum is hidden within the earth, only allowing the elongated central spine to break through the earth and convey a sense of its true scale.

The rebuilding of the Holocaust History Museum at Yad Vashem includes a new visitors’ centre (mevoah), a new history museum replacing the existing museum constructed in 1953, a Hall of Names, a synagogue, galleries for Holocaust art, an exhibition pavilion and a learning and visual centre. In addition, new underground parking and facilities for tour buses are located adjacent to a new entrance piazza.

The history museum consists of a mostly underground prismatic structure 16.5 metres high and 183 metres long (54 x 600 feet) that cuts through the Yad Vashem hillside, penetrating from the south and protruding to the north. A network of skylit underground galleries lines both sides of the prism. The Hall of Names, located towards the end of the museum, is a conical structure extending upward 9 metres (30 feet) and housing the personal records of all the known Holocaust victims. A reciprocal cone, penetrating deep into the Jerusalem bedrock below, echoes the upper chamber and commemorates those whose names will never be known.

  • Collaborators

    Dorit Harel Designers Ltd., Exhibit Design
    Minrav Eng. & Building Ltd., General Contractor
    Tafnit Wind Ltd., Project and Construction Manager
    S. Ben Abraham Engineers Ltd., Y. Gordon Engineers, Ltd., Structural Engineering
    B. Schor Consulting Engineers Ltd, Mechanical Engineering
    Etkin-Blum, Electrical Engineers Ltd, Electrical Engineering
    LAM Partners Inc. Lighting
    Topaz Electrical & Lighting Engineering Ltd., Museum Exhibit Lighting:Landman Aluminum Ltd., Aluminum Consultant
    Aldaag Engineers Consultants, Safety
    Shlomo Aronson Landscape Architects, Landscape Architect
    M.G. Acoustical Consultants, Acoustics
    ESL – Simcha Lustig, Elevators

  • Clients

    Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority

  • Cost

    US $90 million

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