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Building 3000 years of design engineering and construction 

Addis, William


Architecture from without theoretical framings for a critical practice

Agrest, Diana  


Wrightscapes - Frank Lloyd Wrights LandscapeDesigns

Aguar, Charles and Berdeana

How Buildings Work. The Natural Order of Architecture

Allen, Edward; Swoboda, David

Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods

Allen, Edward


A Manual For the 21st Century Art Institution 

Altshuler, Bruce


Art nouveau 

Amaya , Mario


Arts and Crafts Style

Anscombe, Isabelle


Frank Lloyd Wright the early work

Ashbee, C. R; Kaufmann, Edgar; Wright, Frank Lloyd



Airport Engineering: Planning, Design and Development of 21st Century Airports 

Ashford, Norman J.


Icons of Architecture: The 20th Century

Bachmann, Wolfgang

Nothingness: Tadao Ando's Christian Sacred Space

Baek, Jin


Works and projects

Baeza, Alberto Campo de


Architectures: Modernism and After

Andrew Ballantyne


Age of the Masters: A Personal View of Modern Architecture

Banham, Reyner


The Architecture of the Well-Tempered Environment

Banham, Reyner

Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies

Banham, Reyner

Theory and Design in the First Machine Age

Banham, Reyner

The New Brutalism: Ethic or Aesthetic

Banham, Reyner

Dan Hanganu- Works, 1981-2015

Baniassad, Essy  


Modern house three 

Barreneche, Raul A 


New Retail 

Barreneche, Raul A.


The Decorative Twenties

Battersby, Martin


Art Nouveau

Battersby, Martin

The decorative Thirties 

Battersby, Martin 


Art Deco Architecture Design, Decoration and Detail from the Twenties and Thirties

Bayer, Patricia


Art Deco Source Book

Bayer, Patricia


Bauhaus 1919-1928

Bayer, Herbert


Broken Glass: Mies van der Rohe, Edith Farnsworth, and the Fight Over a Modernist Masterpiece 

Beam, Alex  


100 more of the world's best houses

Beaver, Robyn


Another 100 of World's best houses

Beaver, Robyn


History of modern architecture, Volume 1

Benevolo, Leonardo

History of Modern Architecture, Volume 2

Benevolo, Leonardo

Expressionist Utopias: Paradise, Metropolis, Architectural Fantasy

Benson, Timothy O.

The modernist home 

Benton, Tim


Form and Function: A Source Book for the History of Architecture and Design 1890-1939 

Benton, Tim


Art Deco: 1910–1939 

Benton, Tim


European Architecture 1750-1890 (Oxford History of Art) 

Bergdoll, Barry


Beyond the Supersquare: Art and Architecture in Latin America After Modernism 

Antonio Bessa; Mario Torres 


Architecture Matters

Betsky, Aaron 


Zaha Hadid: Complete Buildings And Projects

Betsky, Aaron 


Thin Shell Concrete Structures

Billington, David P.


Matter in the Floating World: Conversations with Leading Japanese Architects and Designers

Blaine Brownell


Form Follows Fiasco: Why Modern Architecture Hasn’t Worked

Blake, Peter

The master builders : Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright

Blake, Peter


Mies Van Der Rohe: Architecture and Structure

Blake, Peter

Le Corbusier, architecture and form

Blake, Peter


Frank Lloyd Wright, architecture and space

Blake, Peter

Philip Johnson 

Blake, Peter 


Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth House: Weekend House / Wochenendhaus

Blaser, Werner

Six Canonical Projects by Rem Koolhaas: Essays on the History of Ideas

Böck, Ingrid

Kengo Kuma: Selected Works

Bognar, Botond


Contemporary Japanese Architecture, Its Development and Challenge

Bognar, Botond

Material Immaterial: The New Work of Kengo Kuma 

Bognar, Botond

The new Japanese architecture

Bognár, Botond 


The Nature of Frank Lloyd Wright 

Bolon, Carol R 


Russian art nouveau

Borisova, E. A 


The Monumental Era: European Architecture and Design, 1929-1939

Franco Borsi


Paris 1900 architecture and design 

Borsi , Franco


Oscar Niemeyer 

Botey, Josep M. 


Kenzo Tange: Makers Of Contemporary Architecture

Boyd, Robin

New Directions in Japanese Architecture

Boyd, Robin

The Puzzle of Architecture

Boyd, Robin

Tokyo, Form and Spirit

Brandon , James R.

Rome New Architecture

Brandolini, Sebastiano


Architectural thought: the design process and the expectant eye

Brawne , Michael

The Getty Center : Richard Meier & Partners 

Brawne, Michael 


The modern airport terminal: new approaches to airport architecture 

Brian, Edwards


The Failure of Modern Architecture

Brolin, Brent C.

The prairie school

Brooks, Harold Allen

Louis I. Kahn: In the Realm of Architecture: Condensed

Brownlee, David B.

Architecture and modern life 

Brownell, Baker 


Architecture at the End of the Earth: Photographing the Russian North

Brumfield, William Craft;


Journeys through the Russian Empire: The Photographic Legacy of Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky

Brumfield, William Craft


Reshaping Russian architecture Western technology, utopian dreams

Brumfield, William Craft


The Art Deco Style

Brunhammer, Yvonne


Art Nouveau, Belgium, France Catalogue of an Exhibition

Brunhammer, Yvonne


Renzo Piano Building Workshop complete works

Buchanan, Peter 


New directions in Latin American architecture 

Bullrich, Francisco 


Theory of the Avant-Garde

Bürger, Peter

Мастера советской архитектуры об архитектуре. Том 01

Бархин М.Г. (ред.) 


Мастера советской архитектуры об архитектуре. Том 02

Бархин М.Г. (ред.) 


Русский модерн (Russian Art Nouveau) 

Е. А. Борисова, Г. Ю. Стернин 


Современная советская архитектура

Н.П.Былинкин, А.М.Журавлев, И.В.Шишкина и др. 


Santiago Calatrava: Conversations with Students -The MIT Lectures

Calatrava, Santiago


European domestic architecture: its development from early times

Cantacuzino, Sherban

Great Modern Architecture

Cantacuzino, Sherban

Modern houses of the world

Cantacuzino, Sherban

Mies Van Der Rohe at Work

Carter, Peter


Silent Cities of Mexico and the Maya

Carver, Norman F. Jr

Japanese Folkhouses

Carver, Norman F.

Form & Space in Japanese Architecture

Carver, Norman F.

Italian Hilltowns

Carver, Norman F.

Against Architecture

Cecla, Franco La

Houses of the World

Cerver, Francisco Asensio

The architecture of glass: shaping light

Cerver, Francisco Asensio

The World of Contemporary Architecture

Cerver, Francisco Asensio

Architecture 06 the guide to the RIBA awards  

Chapman, Tony  


Houses of asia / Casas asiáticas / Case asiatiche

Cheng, Kelley


Time-Saver Standards for Building Types

Chiara, Joseph De


Architecture: Form, Space, and Order

Ching, Francis D. K.

A global history of architecture

Ching, Francis D.K;Jarzombek, Mark;Prakash, Vikramaditya 


David Chipperfield Architectural Works 1990-2002 

Chipperfield, David


David Chipperfield : 2006-2010 ; conciliacion de contrarios 

Chipperfield, David  


Le Corbusier

Choay, Françoise


The arts and crafts movement in America, 1876-1916

Clark, Robert Judson


Mies Van Der Rohe's Farnsworth House 

Clemence, Paul


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Jean Louis Cohen


The future of architecture, since 1889

Cohen, Jean-Louis 


Conversations with architects: Philip Johnson, Kevin Roche, Paul Rudolph, Bertrand Goldberg, Morris Lapidus, Louis Kahn, Charles Moore, Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown

Cook, John 


The Great Utopia: The Russian and Soviet Avant-Garde, 1915-1932

Cooke, Catherine


William Morris: His Life and Work

Coote, Stephen


The art dealers: the powers behind the scene tell how the art world really works

Coppet, Laura De

Twentieth-century World Architecture

Copplestone, Trewin

Toward an architecture

Le Corbusier  

  Ricardo Bofill

Cruels, Bartomeu


A History of Architecture in 100 Buildings

Cruickshank, Dan


Rem Koolhaas: Oma

Cuito, Aurora

Renzo Piano 

Cuito, Aurora 


Foster and Partners 

Cuito, Aurora 


The modern wing Renzo Piano and the Art Institute of Chicago 

Cuno, James B


Le Corbusier Ideas and Forms

William J. R. Curtis


Modern Architecture since 1900

William J. R. Curtis


Kevin Roche

Dal Co, Francesco


Tadao Ando: complete works

Dal Co, Francesco

Mario Botta, architecture, 1960-1985 

Dal Co, Francesco 


Architecture of the arts and crafts movement

Davey, Peter


Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Davidson, Fiona

Hopkins: The Work of Michael Hopkins and Partners

Davies, Colin  


Thinking About Architecture: An Introduction to Architectural Theory

Davies, Colin


A New History of Modern Architecture 



Places of the Soul: Architecture and Environmental Design as a Healing Art 

Day, Christopher


Robbrecht en Daem: Pacing Through Architecture 

Delbeke, Maarten


Architects' dream houses 

Delorme, Jean-Claude


Constructing Architecture: Materials, Processes, Structures

Deplazes, Andrea; G. H. Söffker


In the cause of architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright with a symposium on arthitecture with and without Wright, new assessments by eight who knew him 

Devane, Andrew 


The Landmarks of New York: An Illustrated Record of the City's Historic Buildings

Diamonstein-Spielvogel, Barbaralee 


The power of limits proportional harmonies in nature, art and architecture

Doczi, György


The Collaborators: Interactions in the Architectural Design Process

Donchin, Mark

Twentieth-century Architecture

Doordan, Dennis P.

Design History: An Anthology

Doordan, Dennis P.

The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture : Travel Edition.

Drake, Lisa

Bauhaus, 1919-1933 

Droste, Magdalena


American Art Deco

Duncan, Alastair


Mies van der Rohe's Krefeld Villas

Duzer, Van Leslie

An Eames Primer

Eames, Demetrios


Ten Canonical Buildings: 1950-2000

Eisenman, Peter


Eisenman Architects: Selected and Current Works

Eisenman , Peter


Geometry of Design: Studies in Proportion and Composition

Elam, Kimberly


Postmodern Urbanism

Ellin, Nan

The Bauhaus masters & students by themselves 

Julia Engelhardt, Frank Whitford


Histories of the Immediate Present: Inventing Architectural Modernism 

Eisenman, Peter


Paris a century of change, 1878-1978 

Evenson, Norma


Architectural Theory From the Renaissance to the Present : 89 Essays on 117 Treatises 

Evers, Bernd


The Story of Contemporary Architecture 

Favole, Paolo 


Tales from the Art Crypt: The Painters, the Museums, the Curators, the Collectors, the Auctions, the Art

Feigen, Richard L.

The New German Architecture

Feldmeyer, Gerhard G.

The lost museum the Nazi conspiracy to steal the world's greatest works of art 

Feliciano, Hector


The metropolis of tomorrow 

Ferriss, Hugh


Graphic Design for the 21st Century

Fiell, Charlotte  


Makers of Modern Architecture, Volume II: From Le Corbusier to Rem Koolhaas

Filler, Martin

Makers of Modern Architecture, Volume III: From Antoni Gaudí to Maya Lin

Filler, Martin

Makers Of Modern Architecture Volume 1 : From Frank Lloyd Wright To Frank Gehry

Filler, Martin

Alvaro Siza

Fleck, Brigitte

Quality Budget Houses. A Treasury of 100 Architect-designed Houses from $5,000 to $20,000.

Ford, Katherine Morrow


Classic Modern Homes of the Thirties: 64 Designs by Neutra, Gropius, Breuer, Stone and Others

Ford, James; Ford, Katherine Morrow

The Bauhaus Idea and Bauhaus Politics

Éva Forgács


Men of modern architecture; giants in glass, steel, and stone

Forsee, Aylesa


The Evolution of 20th Century Architecture: A Synoptic Account

Kenneth Frampton


Modern Architecture: A Critical History

Frampton, Kenneth

Richard Meier

Frampton, Kenneth 


Tadao Ando buildings, projects, writings 

Frampton, Kenneth 


Charles Correa 

Frampton, Kenneth


Alberto Campo Baeza- v.4 (Contemporary World Architects S.)

Frampton, Kenneth


Carlo Scarpa Architect: Intervening with History

Friedman, Mildred


Tadao Ando

Furuyama , Masao



Furuyama, Masao

Siza Alvaro (Global Architecture Document Extra)

Futagawa, Yukio


Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright 

Futagawa, Yukio 


Frank Lloyd Wright 

Futagawa, Yukio  


Philip Johnson 

Futagawa, Yukio 


Mies van der Rohe 

Futagawa, Yukio 


The elegant Japanese house; traditional Sukiya architecture 

Futagawa, Yukio 


Ga Houses 94 

Futagawa, Yukio


Contemporary classics : furniture of the masters

Gandy, Charles D


Zaha Hadid: BMW Central Building

Gannon, Todd

The Corbusier Guide

Gans , Deborah

Basic Structures for Engineers and Architects 

Garrison, Philip

Italy: Modern Architectures in History

Ghirardo, Diane


Building new communities New Deal America and Fascist Italy 

Ghirardo, Diane Yvonne 


Space, Time and Architecture: The Growth of a New Tradition

Giedion, Sigfried

Walter Gropius

Giedion, Sigfried


Style and epoch

Moisei Ginzburg 


20th century architecture

Glancey, Jonathan


Encyclopedia of Architectural Technology

Glass, Jacqueline

Brazil builds; architecture new and old, 1652-1942 

Goodwin, Philip Lippincott 


Architecture in the Twentieth Century

Gössel, Peter

Venice: The City and Its Architecture

Goy, Richard

Philosophy of the Arts: An Introduction to Aesthetics 

Graham, Gordon


New directions in Italian architecture

Gregotti, Vittorio

Mario Botta light and gravity architecture, 1993-2003 

Gresleri, Giuliano


The New Architecture and the Bauhaus

Gropius, Walter

Apollo in the democracy: the cultural obligation of the architect

Gropius, Walter

Rebuilding Our Communities

Gropius, Walter

Scope of total architecture

Gropius, Walter

Frank Lloyd Wright On Architecture Selected Writings 1894 1940 

Gutheim, Frederick Albert



Skizzen Sketches Architecture

Hadid, Zaha

Zaha Hadid: Architecture and Design

Zaha Hadid 


Заха Хадид. Архитектура нового времени

Zaha Hadid Architects 


A Critical History of Contemporary Architecture, 1960-2010. Edited by Elie G. Haddad with David Rifkind

Elie G. Haddad & David Rifkind  


Alvar Aalto and the architecture of Finland

Hamilton, Scott D., Jr.



Harris, Cyril

The Collaborators: Interactions in the Architectural Design Process

Herbert, Gilbert

The dream of the factory-made house: Walter Gropius and Konrad Wachsmann

Herbert, Gilbert

Listening to stone: the art and life of Isamu Noguchi

Herrera, Hayden


Lessons for students in architecture

Hertzberger, Herman

The architecture of John Lautner 

Hess, Alan


The world of art deco

Hillier, Bevis


Art Deco of the 20s and 30s

Hillier, Bevis


The International Style

Hitchcock, Henry Russell

In the nature of materials, 1887-1941 the buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright 

Hitchcock, Henry Russell 


Bauhaus crucible of modernism 

Hochman, Elaine S


Planning and Design of Airports

Horonjeff, Robert


Museum builders, Part 2

Hourston, Laura

Making the mummies dance inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hoving, Thomas 


The Culture of Building 

Howard, Davis 


Architecture: from commission to construction

Hudson, Jennifer


Tadao Ando

Hunter, Matthew


Richard Meier, Museum für Kunsthandwerk Frankfurt am Main 

Huse, Norbert 


The Elements of Color

Itten, Johannes

Design and Form: The Basic Course at the Bauhaus and Later

Itten, Johannes

The Art of Color: The Subjective Experience and Objective Rationale of Color

Itten, Johannes

Basics Design Methods

Jormakka, Kari

Public Bildings

Jacobsen, Arne


Jackson, Lesley

Murphy Jahn: Selected and Current Works (The Master Architect Series , No 8)

Jahn, Helmut


The Architecture of Oppression: The SS, Forced Labor and the Nazi Monumental Building Economy (Architext) 

Jaskot , Paul B.


Le Corbusier and the Tragic View of Architecture

Jencks, Charles

Le Corbusier And The Continual Revolucion In Architecture

Jencks C.


New Moderns From Late to Neo Modernism

Jencks, Charles

The Story of Post-Modernism Five Decades of the Ironic, Iconic and Critical in Architecture, 2nd edition

Jencks, Charles

Modern Movements in Architecture

Jencks, Charles


The houses of Philip Johnson 

Jenkins, Stover 


Alvar Aalto Houses

Jetsonen, Sirkkaliisa, Jetsonen, Jari


The art dealers: the powers behind the scene tell how the art world really works

Jones, Alan

Architecture the whole story 

Jones, Denna


Mario Botta

Jodidio, Philip


Architecture in France

Jodidio, Philip

Architecture in Japan

Jodidio, Philip

Architecture in Switzerland

Jodidio, Philip

Architecture in the Netherlands

Jodidio, Philip

Architecture in the United Kingdom

Jodidio, Philip

Architecture Now! Vol. 1

Jodidio, Philip

Architecture Now! Vol. 2

Jodidio, Philip

Architecture Now!, Vol. 3

Jodidio, Philip

Architecture Now! Vol. 6

Jodidio, Philip

Richard Meier Architecture Design

Jodidio, Philip

Building a New Millennium: Architecture Today and Tomorrow 

Jodidio, Philip

Green Architecture: The Art of Architecture in the Age of Ecology

Jodidio, James

Valode & Pistre Architects

Philip Jodidio


New Forms: Architecture in the 1990s

Jodidio, Philip

Norman Foster

Jodidio, Philip

Santiago Calatrava

Jodidio, Philip


Zaha Hadid

Jodidio, Philip 

The International Style

Johnson, Philip

Philip Johnson/John Burgee: Architecture 1979-1985

Johnson, Philip

Architectural Surfaces: Details for Artists, Architects, and Designers

Juracek, Judy A.

The Weimar Republic sourcebook

Kaes, Anton


Louis Kahn: Conversations with Students

Kahn, Louis I.

Between Silence and Light: Spirit in the Architecture of Louis I. Kahn

Kahn, Louis I.

Alfred H. Barr, Jr. and the Intellectual Origins of the Museum of Modern Art 

Kantor , Sybil Gordon


Architecture since 1400 

Kathleen, James-Chakraborty


Frank Lloyd Wright at The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Kaufmann, Edgar , Jr. 


The Bauhaus and America: First Contacts, 1919-1936 

Kentgens-Craig, Margret


International Style Modernist Architecture from 1925 to 1965

Khan, Hasan-Uddin, Philip Jodidio


The Mosque and the Modern World: Architects, Patrons and Designs Since the 1950s 

Khan, Hasan-Uddin


Planting: A New Perspective

Kingsbury, Noël


The Architecture of Modern Italy, Volume I: The Challenge of Tradition 1750-1900

Kirk, Terry

  The Architecture of Modern Italy: Volume II: Visions of Utopia, 1900–Present

Kirk, Terry




Mies van der Rohe's Krefeld Villas

Kleinman, Kent

20th century architecture drawings, models, furniture from the exhibition of the Deutschen Architekturmuseums, Frankfurt am Main 

Klotz, Heinrich 


Philip Johnson/John Burgee: Architecture 1979-1985

Knight, Carleton

S, M, L, XL: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large 

Koolhaas, Rem

Delirious New York: A Retroactive Manifesto for Manhattan 

Koolhaas, Rem

Junkspace with Running Room 

Koolhaas, Rem


Koolhaas, Rem

OMA Rem Koolhaas living, vivre, Leben 

Koolhaas, Rem

Town and Revolution

Kopp, Anatole


The City Shaped: Urban Patterns and Meanings Through History 

Kostof, Spiro


Urban Design

Krieger , Alex

Mies Van Der Rohe The Built Work

Krohn, Carsten

St. James Modern Masterpieces The Best of Art, Architecture, Photography, and Design Since 1945 1998 

Kultermann, Udo


New Directions in African Architecture

Kultermann, Udo


The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings

Kushner, Marc


Архитектура Запада. Мастера и течения

Хан-Магомедов С.О.


Константин Мельников

Хан-Магомедов С. О. 


Кривоарбатский переулок, 10

Хан-Магомедов С.О. 


Пионеры советского дизайна

Хан-Магомедов С.О. 


Супрематизм и архитектура (проблемы формообразования)

Хан-Магомедов С.О.


Всеобщая история архитектуры. Архитектура XIX-начала XX века

Хан-Магомедов С.О. (отв. ред.) 



Хан-Магомедов С. О. 


Архитектура советского авангарда. Проблемы формообразования. Мастера и течения

Хан-Магомедов С.О.


Советская архитектура первой пятилетки: проблемы города будущего

Хазанова В.Э. 


Urbanomad: Vol. 2 

Lafranchi, Guy  



Lafranchi, Guy 


Utopian craftsmen the arts and crafts movement from the Cotswolds to Chicago

Lambourne, Lionel  


Encyclopedia of 20th-Century Architecture

Lampugnani, Vittorio M.

The man in the Glass House: Philip Johnson, architect of the modern century 

Lamster, Mark


Louis I. Kahn : Unbuilt Masterworks

Larson, Kent

Design 100 the last word on modern interiors

Lassell, Michael 


Towards a New Architecture

Le Corbusier


Architecture in Europe Since 1968: Memory and Invention

Lefaivre, Liane

Architecture in the Twentieth Century

Leuthäuser, Gabriele


El Croquis : Tadao Ando 1983-1992

Levene, Richard C.

Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward

Levine, Neil

Manual of Section

Lewis, Paul

Breaking Ground: Adventures in Life and Architecture 

Libeskind, Daniel


Daniel Libeskind and the Contemporary Jewish Museum new Jewish architecture from Berlin to San Francisco

Libeskind, Daniel, Mitchell Schwarzer, James Edward Young


Daniel Libeskind the space of encounter

Libeskind, Daniel


The Architecture of Richter & Dahl Rocha 

Liernur, Jorge Francisco


Kenzo Tange and the metabolist movement: urban utopias of modern Japan 

Lin, Zhongjie


Russia: An Architecture for World Revolution

El Lissitzky 


Russian constructivism

Lodder, Christina 


Victorian Houses and their Details

Long, Helen

Louis I. Kahn: In the Realm of Architecture: Condensed

Long, David G. De

Super Potato Design: The Complete Works of Takashi Sugimoto: Japan's Leading Interior Designer

Locher, Mira

Between Silence and Light: Spirit in the Architecture of Louis I. Kahn

Lobell, John

Image of the City

Lynch, Kevin


William Morris: A Life for Our Time

Fiona MacCarthy


Art museums into the 21st century

Mack, Gerhard


Nurturing Dreams: Collected Essays on Architecture and the City

Maki, Fumihiko ; Mulligan, Mark

Fumihiko Maki buildings and projects 

Maki, Fumihiko


Investigations in Collective Form 

Maki, Fumihiko

Companions to the History of Architecture, Renaissance and Baroque Architecture (VOL. 1)

Mallgrave, Harry Francis Mallgrave (editor) 


Companions to the History of Architecture, Eighteenth-Century Architecture (VOL. 2)

Mallgrave, Harry Francis Mallgrave (editor) 


Companions to the History of Architecture, Nineteenth-Century Architecture (VOL. 3)

Mallgrave, Harry Francis Mallgrave (editor) 


Companions to the History of Architecture, Twentieth-Century Architecture (VOL. 4)

Mallgrave, Harry Francis Mallgrave (editor) 


Architectural Theory (VOL. 1)

Mallgrave, Harry Francis


Architectural Theory (VOL. 2)

Mallgrave, Harry Francis


An Introduction to Architectural Theory: 1968 to the Present 

Mallgrave, Harry Francis


Architect's Brain: Neuroscience, Creativity, and Architecture 

Mallgrave , Harry Francis


Total Design: Architecture and Interiors of Iconic Modern Houses

Marcus, George H.


Living architecture Japanese 

Masuda, Tomoya


The New German Architecture

Mathewson, Casey C. M.


The Anti-rationalists 

Maude , James Richards


Louis I Kahn

McCarter, Robert

Understanding Architecture

McCarter, Robert


McCarter, Robert


Frank Lloyd Wright 

McCarter, Robert


Frank Lloyd Wright 

McCarter, Robert


Gropius: the man who built the Bauhaus

MacCarthy, Fiona 


The History of Interior Decoration

McCorquodale, Charles


Vienna to Los Angeles : two journeys

McCoy, Esther


Five California Architects

McCoy, Esther

Richard Neutra

McCoy, Esther

The Modern Chair: Classic Designs by Thonet, Breuer, Le Corbusier, Eames and Others 

Meadmore, Clement


New Japan Architecture: Recent Works by the World's Leading Architects

Mehta, Geeta; MacDonald, Deanna; Cesar Pelli; Maki, Fumihiko

Japan Style: Architecture Interiors Design

Mehta, Geeta; Murata, Noboru

Building the Getty 

Meier, Richard

Building the Getty 

Meier, Richard

Richard Meier the architect as designer and artist

Meier, Richard 


Twentieth century limited: industrial design in America, 1925-1939 (2nd edition)

Meikle, Jeffrey L.


Architectural Monographs 

Mies Van Der Rohe 


Helmut Jahn

Miller, Nory  


Architecture and politics in Germany, 1918-1945 

Miller Lane, Barbara


Modern architecture in Brazil 

Mindlin, Henrique E.


Liquid stone new architecture in concrete

Moeller, Gerard Martin;Cohen, Jean-Louis


The Theater of the Bauhaus

Molnár, Farkas


The new art - the new life the collected writings of Piet Mondrian

Mondrian, Piet 


Theoretical anxiety and design strategies in the work of eight contemporary architects

Moneo, José Rafael 


Los Angeles Houses

Montes, Cristina

The art and architecture of Paul Rudolph

Monk, Tony


Why We Build: Power and Desire in Architecture 

Moore, Rowan


Contemporary Architects

Morgan, Anne Lee

Naked architecture 

Mosco, Valerio Paolo 


The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture : Travel Edition.

Muir, Harnish

Architecture for Benetton 

Mulas, Antonia  


Contemporary Architects

Muriel, Emanuel 


The Saga of Sydney Opera House: The Dramatic Story of the Design and Construction of the Icon of Modern Australia

Murray, Peter


The Encyclopedia of arts and crafts the international arts movement, 1850-1920

Naylor, Gillian


The arts and crafts movement a study of its sources, ideals and influence on design theory

Naylor, Gillian


Aesthetics and Technology in Building

Nervi, Pier Luigi

Aesthetics and Technology in Building

Nervi, Pier Luigi

Architects' Data (3rd Edition)

Neufert, Ernst


The Artless Word: Mies van der Rohe on the Building Art 

Neumeyer, Fritz


Friedrich Gilly Essays on Architecture, 1796–1799 

Neumeyer, Fritz  


World and dwelling

Neutra, Richard Joseph

Survival Through Design

Neutra, Richard Joseph

Japanese Gardens

Nitschke, Guenther

The concept of dwelling: On the way to figurative architecture

Norberg-Schulz, Christian

Frank Lloyd Wright and Japan 

Nute, Kevin


The story of architecture

Nuttgens, Patrick

Ten Houses: Peter Forbes and Associates

Ojeda, Oscar Riera

Planting the Natural Garden

Oudolf, Piet


Light, Air and Openness- Modern Architecture Between the Wars

Overy, Paul  


Proportion: Science, Philosophy, Architecture

Padovan, Richard


Understanding Architecture

Pallasmaa, Juhani


Historical Dictionary of Architecture

Palmer, Allison Lee


Giuseppe Panza memories of a collector 

Panza, Giuseppe


The lost vanguard: Russian modernist architecture, 1922–1932

Pare, Richard

Simplified design of reinforced concrete

Parker, Harry


Interventions in historic centres the buildings of Magdalen College, Oxford

A. Papadakis


Oscar Niemeyer

Papadaki, Stamo


A New Spirit in Architecture

Papadakēs, A.

Deconstruction Omnibus Volume 

Papadakis, Andreas

Foster Associates: Recent Works (Architectural Monographs, No. 20)

Papadakis, Andreas  


Contemporary World Architecture

Pearman, Hugh

Modern Concrete Construction Manual (Detail)

Peck, Martin


Expressionist Architecture in Drawings 

Pehnt, Wolfgang


Encyclopedia of Modern Architecture

Pehnt, Wolfgang

Chora 1: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture 

Perez-Gomez, Alberto

Chora 2: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture 

Perez-Gomez, Alberto


Chora 3: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture 

Perez-Gomez, Alberto  


Chora 4: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture 

Perez-Gomez, Alberto   


The Oral History of Modern Architecture: Interviews With the Greatest Architects of the Twentieth Century

Peter, John

Philip Johnson: The Constancy of Change

Petit, Emmanuel

Pioneers of Modern Design, From William Morris to Walter Gropius

Pevsner, Nikolaus

The Sources of Modern Architecture and Design

Nikolaus Pevsner


A History of Building Types 

Pevsner, Nikolaus


Frank Lloyd Wright

Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks

Frank Lloyd Wright, 1867-1959: Building for Democracy

Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks

Frank Lloyd Wright collected writings

Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks


Renzo Piano Museums 

Piano, Renzo


Atlantis: A Journey in Search of Beauty 

Piano; Carlo, Renzo


The Renzo Piano logbook 

Piano, Renzo


Renzo Piano and Building Workshop buildings and projects, 1971-1989 

Piano, Renzo


Renzo Piano: Architecture Monograph/Monografico Arquitectura 

Piano, Renzo

The house: the dramatic story of the Sydney Opera House and the people who made it

Pitt, Helen


Brickwork architecture and design

Plumridge, Andrew


The Theory of the Avant-garde 

Poggioli, Renato


The Power of Ideas: Five People Who Changed the Urban Landscape

Porter, Douglas R.

Modern : the modern movement in Britain

Powers, Alan


Modern : the modern movement in Britain

Powers, Alan


Rethinking Global Modernism: Architectural Historiography and the Postcolonial

Vikramaditya Prakash, Maristella Casciato, Daniel E. Coslett 


Conversations with Mies van der Rohe

Puente, Moisés

Alvar Aalto: a critical study

Quantrill, Malcolm


The Norman Foster Studio: Consistency Through Diversity 

Quantrill, Malcolm


Fear of Glass: Mies van der Rohe's Pavilion in Barcelona

Quetglas, Josep


Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House architecture as portraiture 

Quinan, Jack 


Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House architecture as portraiture 

Quinan, Jack 


A Living Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin Architects

Rattenbury, John

Architects Today

Rattenbury, Kester

Architecture and its Ethical Dilemmas 

Ray, Nicholas

The Flowering of Art Nouveau 

Rheims, Maurice


Frank Lloyd Wright, architect

Riley, Terence


Skyscraper Style Art Deco, New York

Robinson, Cervin


The Mathematics of the Ideal Villa and Other Essays 

Rowe, Colin


Collage City

Rowe, Colin


How to Start and Operate Your Own Design Firm, : A Guide for Interior Designers and Architects

Rubeling , Albert W.

Художественное конструирование за рубежом

Рябушин А. 


Творческие противоречия в новейшей архитектуре Запада

Рябушин А. В., Шукурова А. Н. 


Contemporary classics

Saeks, Diane Dorrans


Mario Botta: Architectural Poetics (Universe Architecture Series)

Sakellaridou, Irena


Fumihiko Maki an aesthetic of fragmentation 

Salat, Serge 


Bauhaus Construct: Fashioning Identity, Discourse and Modernism

Saletnik , Jeffrey ; Schuldenfrei, Robin

Oscar Niemeyer

Salvaing, Matthieu 


Le Corbusier in detail

Samuel, Flora

A complex fate Gustav Stickley and the Craftsman Movement

Sanders, Barry

Avant-Garde Neo-Avant-Garde (Avant-Garde Critical Studies 17)

Scheunemann, Dietrich

Daniel Libeskind Jewish Museum Berlin between the lines

Schneider, Bernhard


Philip Johnson: Life and Work

Schulze, Franz

The Reichstag The Parliament Building by Norman Foster

Schulz, Bernhard

Illinois Institute of Technology: Campus Guide (The Campus Guide) 

Schulze, Franz


Architecture: The Natural and the Manmade

Scully, Vincent

Frank Lloyd Wright

Scully, Vincent Joseph

Louis I. Kahn

Scully, Vincent Joseph

Modern architecture: the architecture of democracy

Vincent Joseph Scully


Robert Stern

Scully, Vincent Joseph

The Shingle Style and the Stick Style: Architectural Theory and Design from Richardson to the Origins of Wright

Scully, Vincent


Nurturing Dreams: Collected Essays on Architecture and the City

Sekler, Eduard F.

Mario Campi & Franco Pessina 

Seligman W.


Art nouveau

Selz, Peter Howard


Soviet Architecture, 1917-1962; a Bibliographical Guide to Source Material

Senkevitch, Anatole


Encyclopedia of twentieth century architecture, Vol.1 (A-F)

Sennott , R.Stephen

Encyclopedia of 20th century architecture, Vol.2 (G-O)

Sennott , R Stephen


Encyclopedia of 20th century architecture, Vol.3 (P-Z)

Sennott , R Stephen

Twentieth Century Architecture: A Visual History

Sharp, Dennis


The Rationalists

Sharp, Dennis


Ise, prototype of Japanese architecture

Shinbunsha, Asahi


Super Potato Design: The Complete Works of Takashi Sugimoto: Japan's Leading Interior Designer

Shiratori, Yoshio


Architectural Culture Around 1900 Critical Reappraisal and Heritage Preservation

Shmidt, Claudia


See-through Houses: Inspirational Homes and Features in Glass

Slessor, Catherine

The Bauhaus Ideal Then and Now: An Illustrated Guide to Modern Design

Smock , William

Frank Lloyd Wright. America's Master Architect

Smith, Kathryn

Urban structuring- studies of Alison & Peter Smithson

Smithson, Alison Margaret  


Changing the Art of Inhabitation

Smithson, Alison


Gehry talks architecture + process

Sorkin, Michael

Paul Rudolph

Spade, Rupert 


Inside the Bauhaus

Spaeth, David




Raumplan Vs Plan Libre - Loos, Le Corbusier



Experiencing Architecture

Steen, Eiler Rasmussen


Architecture for A Changing World 

Steele, James


Los Angeles Architecture

Steele, James

Museum Builders, Part 1

Steele, James

Contemporary Japanese architecture: tracing the next generation

Steele, James

Modern classicism 

Stern, Robert A. M 


The Philip Johnson tapes interviews by Robert A.M. 

Stern, Robert A. M.


New York 1960 architecture and urbanism between the Second World War and the Bicentennial

Stern, Robert A. M


New York 1900 metropolitan architecture and urbanism, 1890-1915 

Stern, Robert A. M 


New York 1930: Architecture and Urbanism Between Two World Wars 

Stern, Robert A. M 


More Craftsman Homes

Stickley, Gustav

Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman Homes and Bungalows 

Stickley, Gustav

Modern Furniture Classics

Stimpson, Miriam

The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright: A Complete Catalog, 4th Edition 

Storrer, William Allin


Modernism reborn: mid-century American houses

Straus, Roger

Modernist paradise: Niemeyer house, Boyd collection

Street-Porter, Tim

By Their Own Design 

Suckle, Abby


The Edifice Complex: How the Rich And Powerful--and Their Architects--shape the World

Sudjic, Deyan
  B is for Bauhaus, Y is for YouTube: Designing the Modern World from A to Z

Sudjic, Deyan


The Language of Cities

Sudjic, Deyan

Norman Foster: A Life in Architecture

Sudjic, Deyan

Norman Foster and the British Museum

Sudjic, Deyan


Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, James Stirling : new directions in British architecture

Sudjic, Deyan


The Architecture of Richard Rogers

Sudjic, Deyan

Genius and the Mobocracy 

Sullivan, Louis Henry


Heavenly Mansions- And Other Essays on Architecture

Summerson, John


How Buildings Work. The Natural Order of Architecture

Swoboda, David

Japan Style: Architecture Interiors Design

Tada, Kimie

The Sphere and the Labyrinth: Avant-Gardes and Architecture from Piranesi to the 1970s

Tafuri, Manfredo


Architecture and Utopia: Design and Capitalist Development

Tafuri, Manfredo

Modern architecture, Volume 2 of History of world architecture

Tafuri, Manfredo

Houses For Small Spaces

Takle, Gary

Shelter in Saudi Arabia

Talib, Kaizer 


Rome: An Urban History from Antiquity to the Present

Taylor, Rabun


Mies Van Der Rohe The Villas and Country Houses 

Tegethoff, Wolf


The Pritzker Architecture Prize the first twenty years 

Thorne, Martha 


Icons of Architecture: The 20th Century

Thiel-Siling, Sabine

Isamu Noguchi (Asian Americans of Achievement)

Tiger, Caroline

Representing Landscape Architecture

Treib, Marc


Mathias Klotz

Torrent, Horacio

Representing Landscape Architecture

Treib, Marc


Norman Foster

Treiber, Daniel 


The De Stijl environment

Troy, Nancy J 


Art Nouveau

Tschudi-Madsen, Stephan


Toyo Ito Forces of Nature

Turnbull, Jessie

Architecture in Europe Since 1968: Memory and Invention

Tzonis, Alexander

Santiago Calatrava's Creative Process

Tzonis, Alexander


Sydney National Opera House (The Red Book) 

Utzon, Jørn


Sydney Opera House (The Gold Book) 

Utzon, Jørn


Sydney Opera House (The Yellow Book) 

Utzon, Jørn


Farnsworth House (Architecture in Detail)

Vandenberg, Maritz


New National Gallery, Berlin: Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

Vandenberg, Maritz  


Vienna 1900 art, architecture & design 

Varnedoe, Kirk


Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture

Venturi, Robert

Art Deco Architecture in New York, 1920-1940

Vlack , Don


Modernism reborn: mid-century American houses

Webb, Michael

Modernist paradise: Niemeyer house, Boyd collection

Webb, Michael

Art Deco 

Weber, Eva 


The Bauhaus group: six masters of modernism 

Weber, Nicholas Fox


Art Nouveau Bing Paris style 1900

Weisberg , Gabriel P.


Modern House

Welsh, John

European Architecture in the 20th Century

Whittick, Arnold  


Hendrik Petrus Berlage Thoughts on Style, 1886–1909

Whyte, Iain Boyd

The Crystal Chain Letters: Architectural Fantasies by Bruno Taut and His Circle 

Whyte, Iain Boyd


Louis I. Kahn: The Library at Phillips Exeter Academy

Wiggins, Glenn E.


Great Buildings

Wilkinson, Philip


Making Architecture The Getty Center 

Williams, Harold Marvin

News from nowhere, and other writings

Wilmer, Clive


Architectural Reflections. Studies in the Philosophy and Practice of Architecture

Wilson, Colin St John


Bauhaus-Archiv, Berlin, Harvard University Art Museums, Cambridge/Mass., 26. September - 10. November 1985

Winfried Nerdinger


Graphic work from the Bauhaus

Wingler, Hans Maria


The Bauhaus Weimar, Dessau, Berlin, Chicago

Wingler, Hans Maria 


Mies van der Rohe: A Critical Biography

Windhorst, Edward 


Green Architecture: The Art of Architecture in the Age of Ecology

Wines, James

Washington Deco: Art Deco Design in the Nation's Capital 

Wirz, Hans


I.M. Pei a profile in American architecture 

Wiseman, Carter


Shaping a nation twentieth-century American architecture and its makers

Wiseman, Carter


From Bauhaus to Our House

Wolfe, Tom

Architecture of Erik Gunnar Asplund

Wrede, Stuart

The natural house 

Wright, Frank Lloyd 


Frank Lloyd Wright, writings and buildings 

Wright, Frank Lloyd 


Frank Lloyd Wright his life, his work, his words 

Wright, Olgivanna Lloyd 


Letters to architects 

Wright, Frank Lloyd 


The Story of the Tower: The Tree that Escaped the Crowded Forest

Wright , Frank Lloyd


Modern Architecture: Being the Kahn Lectures for 1930 

Wright , Frank Lloyd


An Autobiography

Wright, Frank Lloyd


When Democracy Builds 

Wright , Frank Lloyd


An American Architecture

Wright, Frank Lloyd  


Drawings and plans of Frank Lloyd Wright the early period (1893-1909) 

Wright, Frank Lloyd 


The Living City 

Wright, Frank Lloyd  


The Future of Architecture 

Wright, Frank Lloyd 


Architecture As Space

Zevi, Bruno

Inside Architecture - Interiors by Architects 

Zevon, Susan


Contemporary classics : furniture of the masters

Zimmermann-Stidham, Susan
NO AUTHOR        
Alvar Aalto: Das Gesamtwerk / L'oeuvre compléte / The Complete Work (3 Volumes)  

Itsuko Hasegawa: Selected and Current Works



Villa Tugendhat


Foster catalogue 2001


Richard Meier Architect


10x10. 100 Architects, 10 Critics

Editors of Phaidon Press, zaha hadid, toshiko mori, kurt forster, erwin viray, a. campo baeza


Архитектура советского авангарда. Проблемы формообразования. Мастера и течения

Хан-Магомедов С.О.


The origins of l'art nouveau the Bing empire 


The Pritzker Architecture Prize, 1999 : Presented to Sir Norman Foster 

Richard Meier, Architect, (1964-1984), Vol.1   Richard Meier Architect (1992-1998), Vol.3
  Isamu Noguchi 
Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa, 1983-2000    Kazuyo Sejima, Ryue Nishizawa, 1995-2000    Kazuyo Sejima, 1988-1996
Total fluidity : Studio Zaha Hadid projects 2000-2010, University of Applied Arts Vienna    The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum    One hundred houses for one hundred architects 
Tadao Ando, 1983–1993    A49: An Asian Spirit in Contemporary Design (Architects)    Landscape Infrastructure: Case Studies by SWA 

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